Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7yr old Logic

I told my son that every time he misbehaves or doesnt listen to me, I get another gray hair on my head. It amuses me that he actually believes that... Let me assure you that if this were true, my entire head would be solid white by now!
My son is 7, and is by far  the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my life. Whoever said boys are easier lied! LOL The other thing that works against me when it comes to him is that he is incredably smart. Now I know that all parents think that their children are the smartest, cutest, and best behaved child out there... But when I say E is smart, I mean he is really smart! His principal wants to send him in for academic testing just to see what his IQ is. This childs brain never stops, and he is as stubborn as I am which is a very bad combination. No matter the topic he "knows" the answers,..even when he really doesnt, he has an agrument for absolutely everything, and he has this insane sense of logic that when he spells it out for you actually makes sense.
For a school project the kids all made "wanted" posters of themselves, and they had to write what they were wanted for and how much thier bounty was... Now most children wrote things such as "John is wanted for not picking up his toys. Reward $500" or "Jennifer is wanted for talking back to her mother. Reward is $25". Then we get to my sons... his reads "57 year old Hillbilly E. is wanted for killing the government and the reward is $1,000,000,000,000" sigh. Just warms your heart, doesnt it? And the funny thing was, he had a perfectly logical explaination as to why he wrote this, which he happily explained to his principal and myself when we met... E had overheard the teacher giving students ideas as to what they might be wanted for, saying it could be something real such as not listening, or it could be something fake such as being a spy for the government. E decided that since it was a Wild West theme for his school, and most cowboys shoot things, instead of spying for the goverment he was going to be a cowboy and kill the government, and since the government is really important the reward should be really high, and since E isnt a "good cowboy name" he needed to change it, but wanted to make sure people still knew who he was, so Hillbilly E was the solution to that! All makes sense, right?
Yesterday the man in my life took my son for a walk for some male bonding time. When they got back, I was told that E had something to tell me. He proceeds to tell me how they were throwing rocks and sticks into the river down at the bridge when he decided he wanted to see the stick flow out on the other side and took off running across a 2 lane highway without ever looking. Being as this is a VERY busy road we are talking about E was very lucky not to be hit by any vehicles. We decided the best course of action with him was to make him think about the consequences, and make him think about the things he would miss in life if he had been hit by a car. My wonderful son thinks for a full 10 minutes about this, then looks at me and says.... "Mom, I have been thinking about my actions and I realize that it wasnt smart of me and my brain must have taken a vacation. If a car had hit me when I did that, I probably wouldnt have survived and I never would have been able to look at your beautiful face again." Did I mention how much I love my son?
 How is it that a 7 year old knows how to get out of trouble in a way that grown men cant seem to figure out? :)


  1. I tell people, girls are mean, boys have no common sense.

    And we don't. We do things like run across busy streets without looking because our brains told us to do it and we didn't question it.

    But it is amazing how some boys just know how to say the right things when we need to.

    Excellent story.

    1. No common sense until you need it to get out of whatever mess you got yourself into? LOL sounds about right! And I do agree with you about girls. Girls can be horribly mean, esp to each other. There are a few exceptions to that rule, and I am hoping that my daughters will fall into that catergory (and yes, i include myself in the exceptions!)

  2. This is one awesome little boy who is destined to go far in the world! You are right that he is super-intelligent, his thought process shows that. I guarantee that he will give you gray hair by the handfuls as he test out life and finds his place in it! Help him learn the basics of self-preservation and survival skills, and the common sense approach. I knew a brilliant man once, who could expound on any subject and reason the most complicated situations, but he couldn't balance a check-book and could barely tie his own shoes! :-) I adore your son, sounds like my kind of kid, full of surprises and enjoying life!