Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ive never done this blog thing before, but figured I would give it a try.
 Writing has always been my outlet for as long as I can remember, everything from a short poem or song, to about the first 5 chapters of a book that I still promise myself I will finish.         I always have a lot to say, even if no one else cares to listen; and it has been my experience that people will read just about anything as long as they find it on the Internet! I guess my thoughts on the matter are that if someone reads this, cool! If not, at least I know I have a place to go to get my thoughts out and if nothing else be my own sounding board.
Writing to me is very therapeutic, and for someone as overly emotional as me, that is priceless. People always tell me that I feel to much, and sometimes I agree and wish I can change. But most of the time I accept me for who I am, and wouldn't change. Feeling the things I do and having the emotions I have give me a unique perspective on life. I have talked to enough people to know that my view on the world and the people in it is not exactly the norm.
But I kinda like it that way!
So, I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't really know what I will write here, it could be nothing, or it could be lots and lots of babbling, kind of like I'm doing now... but above all else it will always be crazy, emotional me!
Enjoy the ride if you care to join :)

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